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Broadening the Talent Pool

A diverse workforce with a wide range of perspectives and experiences leads to better decision-making, innovation, and financial performance. Here’s how companies can ensure they are well-positioned to succeed in the increasingly global and competitive marketplace.

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ChatGPT’s Top 5 Trends Impacting Employee Benefits: Mental Health (Part 3 of 5)

Telemcedicine offers employees a convenient and cost-effective healthcare solution, reducing costs and boosting productivity. It can also help attract and retain talent. Discover more in our third part of the ChatGPT series.

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How to Manage the Growing Side Hustle Trend

Many employees engage in side hustles for extra income or to pursue passions beyond their main job. It’s important to find a balanced approach that addresses potential distractions while considering both employee and company interests.

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How Reference-Based Pricing Can Help Bring Transparency and Affordability to Healthcare

Reference-based pricing (RBP) is a cost-containment strategy that uses a reference price, such as Medicare rates, to determine reimbursement rates for medical services. RBP can help organizations control healthcare costs and encourage pricing transparency, but it is important to consider all factors before implementation.

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Understanding and OvercomingProximity Bias in Hybrid Workplaces

In the new world of remote and hybrid work, addressing proximity bias is essential. Discover its impact on workplace dynamics and explore strategies to create a level playing field for all team members.

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How Financial Wellness Affects Workplace Productivity

Financial stress can adversely affect employees, leading to reduced productivity and heightened mental health concerns. Explore holistic solutions that employers can implement to address this issue.

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HSA vs. FSA vs. HRA

As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers are exploring ways to mitigate expenses without compromising their employees’ healthcare coverage. A consumer-driven health plan could be the answer. Discover more here.

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Helping Employees Prepare for Student Loan Repayment

Student loan repayments resume in October, and many employees are facing financial uncertainty. Employers can help by offering student loan repayment assistance, financial education, and other resources.

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Why Employers Should Prioritize Mental Health

Mental health is an essential component of your employees’ overall well-being, influencing their stress management, interpersonal interactions, and workplace productivity. Dive into our three-part series on prioritizing mental health, packed with best practices and resources for HR leaders. Part one: know your population

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Why Organizations Need a Global Benefits Strategy

As businesses expand worldwide and employees continue to work from anywhere, global benefits are becoming increasingly important to remain competitive. Here are a few strategies our Global Benefits Practice recommends.

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